Chapitre 2 – Lutte intégrée

Being a Better Weed Scout

Dave Bilyea, Research Associate, Horticultural Crop Weed Management - University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus at Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days 2011. Dave discusses several situations where weeds can easily be confused and strategies to help you become a better weed scout.

Year Released: 2011

Length: 17 min, 50 sec


Integrated Pest Management

Ray Bosma instructs a Grower Pesticide Safety Course about integrated pest management strategies.

Year Released: 2011

Length: 28 min, 7 sec


Timing of Weed Control (Mike Cowbrough)

Mike Cowbrough, Weed Management Field Crops Program Lead, OMAFRA, Guelph discusses strategies for being weed free in the critical weed free period.

Year Released: 2010

Length: 45 sec



IPM Awareness and Action (Janice LeBoeuf)

Janice LeBoeuf, Vegetable Crop Specialist, OMAFRA, Ridgetown discusses IPM industry watch, awareness, action and the importance of knowing how your pesticide works.

Year Released: 2010

Length: 1 min, 31 sec



Deciding When to Spray (Peter Johnson)

Peter Johnson, Provincial Cereals Specialist, OMAFRA, Stratford discusses making the decision about when to spray and the importance of scouting your field.

Year Released: 2010

Length: 2 min, 3 sec


Integrated Pest Managment © 2004

This video describes the basics of IPM and explains why you should know the name and life cycle of the pests you need to control; when you need to begin to control pests; and ways you can control pests without the use of pesticides. Hear the opinions of Ontario Pest Management Specialists on the benefits of IPM.

Year Released: 2004

Length: 13 min, 41 sec