Chapitre 8 – Pesticides et protection de l’environnement

Steps in Bee Safety When Applying Pesticides

Paul Krosak, OMAFRA Apiary Specialist at Southwest Crop Diagnostic Days 2011.

Year Released: 2011

Length: 10 min, 13 sec


Pesticides and the Environment

Ray Bosma instructs a Grower Pesticide Safety Course on the use of pesticides and their effects on the environment.

Year Released: 2011

Length: 50 min, 4 sec



Pesticides and the Environment © 2004

Are you polluting your farm when you use pesticides?  Learn the many ways that pesticides can move in the environment and can cause problems on your land and your neighbours' land. This video suggests ways you can reduce the impact of pesticides in the environment.

Year Released: 2004

Length: 11 min, 11 sec